Invest in a portfolio of high-performing businesses built for the long-haul


Blueline Ventures is a permanent equity fund that acquires lower middle market companies with strong cash flow and untapped growth potential. We partner with business owners who want their companies and people to thrive long beyond their time at the helm. We extend the legacy.

What We Do


We acquire companies in the lower middle market that meet a specific set of criteria. We focus on strong cash flows, while maximizing growth and long-term value.

Create Value

With a focus on people and culture, we help management teams optimize and modernize their operations, unlocking value and driving strategic growth.

Extend the Legacy

When we invest in a company, we partner with the existing management team to development long-term, sustainable growth plans.

Why us?

About Blueline Ventures

Blueline Ventures is an operating company first, and an investment company second.

Our team’s passion and background rests in helping small and mid-sized business owners and investors achieve their goals through sale or acquisition.

We make direct investments in businesses that fit our personal investment thesis and that align with our specific industry focus.

We are skilled in creating flexible finance solutions and are backed by a leadership team with a proven history of business growth and operational excellence.


Our founders have overseen the founding, acquisition, execution, and exit of successful organizational transformations. Our understanding of business life cycles and M&A management allows us to be collaborative, while mitigating the fundamental risks to our portfolio.

Long-term Perspective

Our strategy is to buy, build, and hold great businesses for a long time – not to flip them in the short-term. Our model promotes sustainable growth, engages management teams in their professional development, and creates long term value by extending the legacy

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